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Writing contracts for services

Writing contracts for services

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The Latest If it’s happening in Atlanta’s arts community, it’s right here. Get the latest news, events, important dates and more. Arts Hub Get everything you need to get involved in the arts in Atlanta, whether you’re an artist, tourist or hometown supporter. City of Atlanta’s means of granting public funding to the arts. CAS awards contracts related to the production, creation, presentation, exhibition and management of artistic and cultural services in the city of Atlanta.

To provide support for the existence and excellence of artists and arts organizations in Atlanta. To assist in the artistic development of the arts in Atlanta so that all citizens may participate in the diverse cultural life of the city. To develop the contributions of Atlanta’s culturally diverse communities. To ensure that the arts have broad geographic distribution and reach all segments of the population. To support a broad range of educational activities in the arts. To preserve the city’s artistic, cultural and historic heritage.

To enhance neighborhood vitality and economic development through the arts. In 2015, the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs is piloting a new Neighborhood Arts Grants program designed to bring arts into the community. At the same time, the Office recognizes that government resources are limited while demands for services are high. Grants to Community Cultural Development are available to provide project support for non-arts organizations to encourage arts programming initiatives that develop partnerships with local professional artists and meet specific needs in a targeted community.

Grants to Artist Projects are available to provide support for arts and cultural activities initiated by individual practicing professional artists who live and work in the city. It provides project support to artists working in the areas of dance, literary arts, media arts, visual arts, music, theater, and multidisciplinary genres. Awards to Emerging Artist are available in recognition for artistic vision and achievement of new, upcoming, professional artists who live and create in Atlanta. Grants to Neighborhood Arts are available to provide support for artistic development, engage neighborhood art-making and reimagine places.