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Writing coaching

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CV Writing expertise or Interview Coaching. To put is simply, a good CV is one that is easily understood by the reader, otherwise it is not effective in its communication. If you would like CV Writing or Interview Coaching help I would be happy to hear from you and if you are interested in reading some comments from clients I refer you to my testimonial page. Merchant’s Quay and Grand Parade car parks are close by, as well as lots of other metered parking possibilities in the area. Both the park and ride bus stop outside Connolly Hall, and the Bus Station are within a couple of minutes’ walk of my location. Please forward this error screen to 67.

Does Your Resume Look Like All The Others? My interaction with Janice was outstanding. She is professional, an excellent writer and exceeded my expectations. These days, this just gets you in the game. Her experience translates directly to an expedited process. Minimal edits required, but Janice always offered great value in choosing options and left an everlasting feeling that she is available for more. When working with Janice, I always felt that she was completely focused on ensuring my success.

I found Janice to be an outstanding professional and a very pleasant person to work with. She was able to extract the most important achievements of my career and display them in an outstanding light. Her command of the language and wording is truly remarkable. Janice was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone. She was very patient and kept me focused on the goal. She is not afraid to take criticism and shares her opinions on what works or doesn’t work. Janice was able to shift through my thirty years, glean out the meaningful events and create the resume that make me feel good about launching my job search.

I am very pleased with the results. She has a great ability to write and create some impactful results on my resume. Janice did an excellent job weeding through my random inputs to produce a high quality marketing tool I am proud to circulate. I really appreciate her assistance and partnership!

Janice’s interviewing skills brought out quantifiables that are much more marketable than I would have been about to do on my own. She put together and outstanding resume that I am extremely happy with. A job search brings many questions about resumes, interviewing and negotiating. Does my cover letter capture the reader’s attention?

What is the best way to prepare for an interview? How should I respond to questions about salary? It’s a new world out there and that new world requires a fresh set of tools to guarantee success. A high-impact, professionally prepared resume is the foundation for your executive job search. A professionally developed resume highlights your unique strengths, powerfully conveys your personal career story and effectively positions you for your desired job, giving you a clear and distinct competitive advantage in a saturated job market. The products, services and consultation of Executive Resume Resource can help you address these questions, manage your career and conduct a successful job search.