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Proofread essay

Proofread essay

Verb taking a direct object—for example, «Say something. Please proofread my essay proofread essay any spelling errors.

Per favore correggi gli errori di ortografia del mio tema. Vedi la traduzione automatica di Google Translate di ‘proofread’. Your Study Guides and Strategies content starts here! 4 million visitors in 39 languages in 2011. Professional editors proofread as many as ten times. Publishing houses hire teams of readers to work in pairs, reading out loud.

If you know you repeat certain errors, double check for them. Most errors in written work are made unconsciously. When you read normally, you often see only the shells of words — the first and last few letters, perhaps. You «fix your eyes» on the print only three or four times per line, or less. You take in the words between these points, and get less accurate the the more you stray from the point. The average reader can only take in six letters accurately with one fixation.

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See Google Translate’s machine translation of ‘proofread’. By comparison, varying word choice can make your work easier to read and more engaging. Notice that you need to adjust the sentence slightly to suit the alternative words used. The way the moles kept digging up Marjorie’s garden made her very angry. Marjorie’s anger and the moles in her garden. This can be a good way of varying your sentence structure.