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Project on statistics in daily life

Project on statistics in daily life

We feel proud and probably agree that Hawaii ranks No. Yes, we have the longest project on statistics in daily life in the nation, but we also have the highest cost of living and housing.

We treasure the land and the aloha spirit with all our souls, but we trample them far too often. Some of us in Hawaii have a fabulous quality of life, but many are left far behind. We also offer ways to move forward, while recognizing that further conversation is needed on everything in these pages. Measuring and understanding the quality of life for Hawaii’s people is a complex task, and this complexity often frustrates attempts to improve it.

One way to make this complexity more manageable is to visualize the factors that improve or degrade our quality of life as a web of interconnected factors and behaviors. We encourage you to study them and let us know your thoughts. 1 in quality of life and this year is no exception. For instance, CNBC gave Hawaii first place among the states in quality of life, after ranking us at No.

An international annual survey of quality of life conducted by Mercer, a global consulting firm, ranked Honolulu as the best city in the U. Honolulu placed 28th, just ahead of San Francisco, on the list of 221 cities worldwide. That survey scored cities on their political, social and economic situations, healthcare, schools, public services, recreation, housing and environment. For the fourth year in a row, Hawaii ranked first in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The index is based on a survey that asks people nationwide about more than 50 items.

1 out of 100, with the top scores on life evaluation, emotional health and work environment. Subscribe Sign up to receive occasional updates and new developments from us. About This website is a partnership to report on quality of life issues and promote the use of systems-based approaches to tackle Hawaii’s most pressing issues. But the reasons people give for staying away from religious services are more complicated. FAQ: How Pew Research Center Measures the Religious Composition of the U. Pope Francis Still Highly Regarded in U.