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Med school personal statement

Med school personal statement

Which medicine course type would you suit? Should I med school personal statement BMAT in September or October?

How much do you know about medical ethics? How much do you know about the NHS? Which fictional medic are you most like? Which medical specialty would suit you? Why not try an expert personal statement review?

Simply upload your statement, tell us whether you want it to be assessed by an experienced Admissions Tutor or a high-flying medic, and receive a comprehensive written report. When applying to study Medicine, you must include a short piece of writing with your UCAS form called a personal statement. When writing a personal statement for Medical School, the aim is to persuade whoever reads it that you are a great candidate to study Medicine. This page provides the headline information on how to write a personal statement for medical school, before offering a step-by-step guide on what you need to do. Don’t forget to use all the subpages to make the most of the section.

That pretty much sums it up. You need to sell yourself to Medical Schools. And you have to do this in up to 4,000 characters, which will make up roughly 500 words, over 47 lines of 12-point script. That means being very precise and using your unique selling points as well as possible to gain an edge over the competition. What Should My Personal Statement for Medical School Include? Motivation — Why do you want to study Medicine? Exploration — What have you done to learn about it?

Suitability — Why are you a great fit for it? The Medic Portal provides pages on each one of these in turn, along with an additional page on writing style. Medicine Personal Statement: Top Tips Want expert personal statement tips from TMP’s tutors? Hear Afra’s top tips in the video below! How Should I Structure My Personal Statement for Medical School? Of course, this is a matter of personal preference.