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Mba assignments help

Mba assignments help

Please forward this error screen to 158. We are currently working hard on a revision of the existing MBA-FSI format. This is the mba assignments help why we have disabled the other pages of this website for the time being.

Our aim is to announce the new format early 2018. In case you’d like to be kept up to date on these future developments, please leave us your contact details: click here. Stay tuned for more news soon! Please forward this error screen to 108. To be an internationally recognized programme in business education and research for helping to create a better Myanmar business society. To develop socially responsible and competent business leaders who possess integrated skills, knowledge, and experience with global vision and local commitment. To nurture the participants to be an ethical and socially responsible business leaders in promoting sustainable development of the economy.

Enhance integrative skills and knowledge in solving environmental and social problems of the society. Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and Online MBA. These programmes are an important element of the infrastructure of Myanmar that is being developed to make the country’s commitment to a market economy a successful reality. To complete the MBA, the participants must take 18 courses and write a thesis paper to obtain the required 72 credit units, in which each course is earned 3 credit units and 18 credit units are allocated for the thesis. The 18 courses include 12 compulsory or core courses and 6 elective courses.

The courses will be mainly offered through online lectures, case analysis, and independent research. In the functional areas of business management, the case study method will be primarily used since it is an effective mean of developing the power of analysis and judgment essential to the managers. Wherever appropriate, case material that reflects the problems, habits, customs and tradition of doing business peculiar to Myanmar will be used. The special feature of the Online MBA course is that participants can fix their own time for the examination after completion of the assignments for each subject assigned by the respective lecturer. The grades from each course, a few of which can also be non-examination accumulate towards the total credit requirement for MBA, which is set at 72 credits. Participants are required to obtain an overall minimum of B in the programme.

F grades at any stage in the programme may be asked to withdraw from the programme. The duration for the Online MBA course is three years. The length of the course depends on the students themselves. However, course requirement must be completed within five years. Participants from a broad spectrum of disciplines, diverse backgrounds with varying aims and career objectives are admitted to the programme. However, they must be highly motivated and be able to work in a co-operative environment.