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Lab reports on enzymes

Lab reports on enzymes

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Thanks for buying the e-book to keep this blog Ad-free! Wait to start IVF after pregnancy? Morphology  simply refers to the shape of the sperm. Morphology is evaluated by taking a microscopic look at the sperm sample to determine the  percentage of sperm which have normal looking parts and also to note if there are any particular sperm abnormalities that are most prevalent. The acrosomal cap or acrosome contains enzymes that play a role in fertilization of the egg.

If this cap and its enzymes are not produced during sperm production, the sperm is unable to fertilize the egg by natural means. The normal sperm is really a very elegant machine, having nothing more, nothing less than it needs to find, bind, penetrate and mingle it’s DNA with the egg’s DNA to create a new human being. Some of the defects we look for in a morphology analysis are double heads, double tails, abnormally sized acrosomes, missing acrosomes, kinked tails, missing heads, missing acrosomes, short tails, abnormally sized heads. How is the sperm processed for morphology?

A sperm smear is prepared by spreading a tiny droplet of semen over a slide, allowing the slide to air dry, then staining the sperm with one or more dyes to make the structures of the sperm more visible. Then the technician uses a higher magnification setting on their microscope than for routine counting to get a close look at the fixed stained individual sperm cells. Every lab report must have a column which shows you what a normal result is for each parameter so you can compare your results with the normal values. Note that there are differences between what was considered normal in the 4th edition vs the 5th edition. Doctors TF Kruger and R Menkeveld at Tygerberg Hospital in South Africa. The scientific validity of this grading scheme is based on the fact that what normal sperm looked like was based on looking at sperm that had proven themselves as functionally competent, instead of looking at population of men whose partners became pregnant in less than a year. Kruger and his colleagues have since published various studies that show that ejaculates with lots of Kruger normal sperm also have a better prognosis for successful IVF fertilization, suggesting there criteria of normal are correlated with fertilizability.

Kruger Strict analysis requires that each apparently normal sperm be measured for head size. According to Kruger, the head length for normal spermatozoa may vary between 4. 5 μm, with a mean length of 4. 19 μm and a mean width of 2. What is a normal sperm by Kruger’s strict criteria? The normal head has a length of 4-4. The length to width ratio should be about 1.