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The continuing story of an over-educated, overweight black guy, his friends, his adventures, and his musings on a world he sees going slowly down the toilet. I regularly meet novelists, screenwriters, playwrights and other interested parties who believe that creating a graphic novel will jump start their careers. There are many resources out there that teach writers how to format their ideas into a hire writers comic book script but there are precious few that explain how writers can hire or find artists to draw their work.

I suggest doing proper research on how to format an «artist want ad» and then taking your chances there. I do a free online podcast series called WRITING FOR ROOKIES that explains this subject in greater detail. 12,000 to fully produce unless you set up a deal with your art team. Don’t write it as the art team draws it.

Understand that you will need to hire a penciler, inker, colorist, and letterer — many pencilers do their own inking and some pencilers do their own coloring too — you need to know exactly what your art team is best suited for. Be selective of the art team. Find an artist whose style matches the exact visual sensibility that communicates what your story is like at first glance. Don’t hire the first people who respond to your ad. There will be HUNDREDS of responses to your ad and you should set aside the time to look at every email. You will find the person you’re looking for. Create a separate business email account.

I would say only to hire an artist in the U. Brazil or Indonesia if they decide to flake out on the project. Best case scenario: hire someone in your own city. It’s difficult, but it will help keep your project on track when you can GO to their house to find out what’s taking so long with them completing the work. Expect delays and plan around them. I’ve NEVER, EVER dealt with an art team that stuck to deadlines.