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There are some highly skilled martial arts teachers today who have dubbed the eclectic systems of self-defense that they offer combat judo. Their use of the term is just as legitimate and valid as was Carlin’s and Cosneck’s. Robert Carlin’s Combat Judo is a near impossible-to-find classic. Unlike Perrigard’s work, Combat Judo is not available in a reprint. Carlin was a knowledgeable and very sensible teacher. With few exceptions the instruction in his large format book is excellent. He wisely spends time in explaining basic principles required for success in close combat before getting into any physical techniques.

Basic skills emphasizing low, powerful kicks to the knee, open hand chops, finger jabs, heel-of-the-hand blows, and elbow and knee strikes are, properly, pushed as being the ones to rely upon in combat. He covers some very rudimentary knifework and combat handgun skill. We found it strange that he chose a six inch barreled revolver for handgun technique, considering that during WWII the Colt Government Model . That which Carlin teaches is overwhelmingly excellent. It hardly matters whether he demonstrates pistol firing with a particular weapon model .

And in Combat Judo it is. Professionals and collectors like ourself will probably not rest until they manage to locate an original copy of this rare volume. We might even reprint it ourself so that affordable copies will be available on a wide scale. Again, if you order our Mental Conditioning Book on CD you’ll receive a free PDF of this book. Also a free PDF copy of Grover’s Defend Yourself! We wish we had known Robert Carlin personally. STRICTLY speaking, this isn’t a book review.

It is a personal endorsement of a selection of books that were written by Bruce Tegnér. Critics are dime-a-dozen second-handers —— and all of us who do this professionally have them. Bruce Tegnér and his works in order to form an opinion of what this man produced! There is great value in what Bruce Tegnér wrote and taught. Our personal focus has always been on realistic close combat and self-defense, and so we will not address those books which Tegnér wrote that deal with other forms and other approaches to the martial arts. Tegnér did write other books on self-defense, but we rate the above six as his very best, and we recommend that every person who teaches or trains seriously in personal defense obtain them and study them.

Bruce Lee, although one of our Black Belts once met him in the 1960’s. Lee visited the judo school and gave a demonstration of kung fu. We understand that Lee was a very impressive performer. He was agile as a cat, extremely flexible, fast, and totally dedicated to training. And that merits enormous respect, in our view. In our opinion, for the purpose of practical, realistic self-defense, the book under present review was the best that Lee wrote.

There is nothing spectacular in Vol. 1 of Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method. In this volume Lee concerns himself solely with realistic, simple, doable self-defense skills. Lee places heavy emphasis in this book on the simple low side kick to the knee, and on other similar very simple, readily learnable, retainable, and applicable combative measures. The only reason we are reluctant to recommend this book is because the profits for its sale, as far as we know, do not go to Lee’s widow. Still, we’d recommend this particular book by Bruce Lee.

To keep the profiteers from scooping up bucks off the sale of the book, why not purchase a used copy? Bruce Lee made some real sense as far as self-defense is concerned. And you can find it in this book. Published in 1942 by Appleton-Century Company, NYC. An original Fairbairn classic: HANDS OFF! Owning an original wartime edition is always a treat, but a reprint is available from Paladin Press if all you want is the information and instruction contained in the book.

This is an excellent little book. All of the material in this wartime publication represents Fairbairn’s doctrine specifically for women. Obviously, techniques suitable for females can also be executed by males . Fairbairn and his daughter Dorotea pose for the photographic illustrations. This book contains the best description and illustration of the proper hand formation for the chinjab smash — a key and vital unarmed combat blow. It also describes some simple, speedily executed self-defense techniques against common attacks. TO TAKE THE BATTLE INTO YOUR OPPONENT’S CAMP, TO CATCH HIM OFF HIS GUARD, IS SEVENTY-FIVE PER CENT OF THE BATTLE WON.