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Bibliography of book

Bibliography of book

The eighth Dark Tower novel, but chronologically set bibliography of book the fourth and fifth volumes. Second novel in the Bill Hodges Trilogy. Third novel in the Bill Hodges Trilogy. World Fantasy Award Winners and Nominees».

Archived from the original on October 15, 2013. Norton is known best for science-fiction and fantasy, or speculative fiction, a field where her work was first published in the 1950s. Works by Andre Norton published exclusively at Andre-Norton-Books. A sequence of two novels, starting with the first interstellar flight made by humans escaping a tyrannical civilization on Earth. 1955 as an Ace Double with Three Faces of Time by Sam Merwin, Jr.

1958 as an Ace Double with A Planet for Texans by H. The story of ex-soldier Hosteen Storm and his companions, a group of genetically altered animals with whom he has a telepathic connection. Also known as The Book of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan. Two books by Norton and Susan Shwartz. Military SF in a milieu where humans are initially only permitted out into the wider universe as mercenaries. 1955 as Ace Double The Last Planet with A Man Obsessed by Alan E.

A young time-traveller attempts to stop a tyrant from conquering all of reality. 1956, as an Ace Double with Mankind On the Run by Gordon R. The story of two men trying to escape their status as displaced people or «dipples». This series also has links to the Janus and Forerunner series. The Halfblood Chronicles fantasy series by Norton and Mercedes Lackey. The fourth book may have been cancelled due to copyright issues after Norton’s death in 2005. Loosely connected fantasies, each concentrating on one of the five senses.

Featuring the Forerunners, an incomprehensible yet powerful vanished alien race whose artefacts survive them. This series is also tied to the «Janus» and «Dipple» books. The story of Naill Renfro who, changed by an alien artefact, sets out to protect the planet of Janus from external threats. Linked to the «Dipple» and «Forerunner» series.

A series following the Free Traders exploring and making contact with new worlds. 1957 as an Ace Double with The Cosmic Puppets by Philip K. Four novels by Norton and Dorothy Madlee. Time agents Ross Murdock and Travis Fox travel through time and space to safeguard Earth. Only the first and third books have input from Norton.

A series following Murdoc Jern, son of a murdered interstellar gem trader, who discovers that the ring his father left him contains one of the powerful Zero Stones. 2007 omnibus edition of The Stars are Ours! Some short stories appear in multiple books but only one book publication is listed for each. Chilled to the Bone by Robert T. After the King by Martin H. 1 by Susan Shwartz and Martin H. Lord of the Fantastic: Fantastic Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny by Martin H.